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Lariana Outdoor Chair White

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Product description

If you're looking for an elegant yet durable chair to bring outdoors, look no further than the Lariana Chair. Made with a strong polypropylene material and equipped in several color options that will match your outdoor design perfectly - this sleek whickerback seats 4 comfortably! In addition it's backed by powder coated metal legs ensuring long-lasting support even when used constantly during summer months or other hot times of year . Whether hosting guests at our newest picnic table game on deck (tabletop gaming has become very popular lately), sitting down after work hours while catching up from daycare duty offline

Dimensions & Features

Color: White
Curved silhouette to promote ergonomic comfort
Solid tapered legs
Suitable for outdoor dining

Dimensions (inches):
Width: 23.5, Depth: 22.5, Height: 31.5
Weight (lbs): 10.56

Delivery & Returns

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