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Altavilla Dining Table

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Product description

The Trimesa is a beautiful, well-made chess set that will add to your living room's aesthetic. The black base highlights the darker tones in walnut wood for an edgy look and finish - perfect if you want something modern! I love how it looks when guests walk into my house because they're greeted by this sleek white exterior with hints of brown here&there from our leather couches or trimming around windowsills; then upon closer inspection one notices there are no sharp edges on any pieces making them feel more comfortable as well considering some people aren't big fans couthy things sticking out everywhere (like me).

Dimensions & Features

Color: Brown
Slim rectangular shape 100% solid walnut wood
Stylish sleek industrial base
Some assembly required

Dimensions (inches):
Width: 79, Depth: 39, Height: 29
Weight (lbs): 84

Delivery & Returns

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