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Easy Tips for Styling An Organic Modern Home + Shop Items

The organic modern style is a popular trend in interior design. It fuses the beauty of minimalism with the organic touches of natural elements. This style embraces raw materials, textures, a neutral color palette, and organic shapes. The combination consists of mid-century modern furniture and Scandinavian aesthetics enhanced with neutral Boho accents. The result is a relaxed space that still has that refined feel.

Minimalist Vibe

The modern organic style gathers the best from minimalism and adds a natural element. The result is a laid-back space that has a sleek and refined vibe. The interiors look luxurious, drawing inspiration from the mid-century modern style. 

The space is light and airy, and the furniture doesn't overpower it. Slightly curved shapes highlight the beauty of the piece and leave negative space. A sleek sofa with a streamlined design would be ideal for an organic modern living room. 

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Organic Textures

Natural materials are a staple for organic modern rooms. Completed with curves and clean lines, they convey the desired mood into the space. With the addition of mid-century furniture, the area looks warm and inviting. A round stump side table will enhance the room with its organic silhouette, bringing a natural feel. 

Orizaba Round Stump

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The style highlights the beauty of natural materials, so they should be your priority when making the right furniture choice. Bamboo, wood, and rattan are some of the most popular options for furnishings. 

A side table with a wood base and a glass table top is ideal for creating a curated corner. The woodgrain will bring authenticity to the space with its unfinished feel, adding visual texture to the piece. Complement with rattan furniture, such as a stylish chair, to design a cozy nook that complements the room.

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Allende Indoor/Outdoor Barrel Chair

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Even though organic modern features neutral tones, it doesn't mean the room will look flat. Layering natural textures helps you achieve visual interest without going too bold. Woven throws and rattan light fixtures will enhance the space while remaining cohesive with the vibe. 

Donostia Pendant Lamp

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Guipuzcoa Macrame Cushion

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The organic modern style favors decorating with plants to add a pop of color. Play with oversized plants to bring a dose of visual interest to the space. Plants such as fiddle leaf fig or monsteras will add vibrancy with their green foliage. You don't need to have a green thumb to make the plants thrive, as you can always get oversized faux plants that look like real ones. Choose a decorative planter that complements the theme with a raw texture. 

Faux Botanical Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Curating a space with a natural feel doesn't have to be too challenging. If you wish to embrace the organic modern vibe in your home, feel free to check our natural collection. For more design inspiration, follow our Instagram!

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