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Mid Century Modern Bedroom Ideas And Professional Decor Tips - Cevillo -

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Ideas And Professional Decor Tips

A mid-century modern bedroom feels cozy and inviting. This style is known for its warm wooden tones, longer slender furniture legs that reduce the visual weight in space, and occasional pops of color. 


Styling a room with bedroom furniture that follows this style doesn’t have to be complicated. In this post, we share professional design tips on how to dress your bedroom in the mid-century modern vibe. Once you go through it, you will know how to implement this style. 

Mid-century Modern Bed

Wood beds are highly appreciated in this interior design style. The simple beds frames are crafted from wood in warm tones, bringing an authentic look to your space. 


When choosing between different beds, look for a sleek and minimalist design that brings warmth. Mid-century doesn’t support storage beds, as it favors minimalist frames with long, slim legs. 

The Cordobas king bed is the ideal representation of modern mid-century beds. The simple design with an upholstered headboard will add style to your bedroom while providing comfort. 

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Bedside Tables

The night tables in mid-century modern designs are simple, with long legs. The Aquitania nightstand will ideally flatter mid-century beds with slender legs. The distinctive wood grain brings texture to play, adding an organic feel to the space. The simple design leaves plenty of room to style it to your preference. We can envision this piece decorated with leaning wall art and a retro lamp. 

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Bed Bench

A sleek bench by the bed will bring a luxurious touch to your bedroom. The Ingrid bench will ideally complement mid-century modern beds with its design and color. 

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The vintage mustard tone ideally flatters the mid-century modern color scheme while making a statement. Complement with throw pillows on the bed for cohesiveness, and you have a well-styled bedroom that feels comfortable. 

Bedroom Dresser

The Daniel dresser cabinet provides plenty of storage space for your garments while strengthening the decor theme. The minimalist design has a retro vibe, thanks to the slender legs and deep wood tone. 

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With ample surface for styling, this piece will become the ultimate focal point in the mid-century modern bedroom. Anchor the dresser with a nice gallery wall or a large mirror with a wooden frame. 

Mid-century Modern Lamp 

Adding the same lamp on both furniture nightstands will create a balanced look. Triad lighting is the ideal accessory for styling your bedside tables. It features a simple design, with elongated legs typical for this style. 

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Final thoughts 

Curating a mid-century modern bedroom doesn’t have to be too challenging. We shared a selection of the best bedroom furniture and professional tips to help recreate this style in your home. You can check our beds and night tables to browse more products.


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