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How To Recreate Puerto Escondido Vibe At Home - Cevillo -

How To Recreate Puerto Escondido Vibe At Home

We are avid travellers, always ready to pack a suitcase and head to our next adventure. After so many trips, we have a strong idea of what we like in terms of interior design and what style we want to surround us in our environment. Our goal is to make lifetime memories and leave our personal print.

Being raised in Vancouver and living through its infamous rainy winters left us longing to create a soft, organic eco-space that would help us feel like we are somewhere in the tropics. After scrolling through thousands of photos and articles online, we felt like there was nothing specifically catered to our needs. We were left confused and were not taking action.


So at this time we want to start a series of articles written from our first-hand experience of other countries, cultures, and interior design styles. We will share inspiration and practical tips on how to turn your home into an exotic retreat. 

To start off, we had the chance to visit Puerto Escondido in the gorgeous state of Oaxaca in Mexico, grabbing plenty of design inspiration. In this post, we will share it with you and guide you on how to recreate the authentic look in your home. You might not have a clean slate to recreate the space entirely, but some combinations of these pieces can do the trick so that you can have your favourite nook and cranny.

Styling Tips Inspired by Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido has impressive beaches with crystal clear waters that provide mesmerizing sights. The beachfront restaurants and villas offer a glimpse of the local life, telling a story through the interiors.

The signature style of Puerto Escondido can be described as relaxed and natural. It highlights the beauty of the natural shapes and textures, bringing the organic element to the design. 

Easy DIY idea for walls

Bamboo is one of the available natural materials, giving plenty of freedom for decorating. The bamboo panels are ideal for adding a natural vibe to the space. 

Lots of concrete

The unfinished beauty of bare concrete is sought after in interior design. The concrete wall in the shower is a gorgeous focal point that stands out with its look. Stained concrete floors are ideal for bringing the rough and unfinished look but still making it fit your aesthetic. We spotted the fantastic implementation of bare concrete in the amazing boutique beach Villa Lunaya.




Plants add a pop of color and introduce liveliness to the design. Add lots of leafy plants with dense foliage to make your home feel closer to nature.

Silverware baskets

The baskets spotted at Casa Baba caught our attention. This beach house features a relaxed aesthetic, a signature for Puerto Escondido. We loved how the silverware was organized in adorable baskets. The unique woven texture adds an organic element to the space.

Thick Jute Ropes 

We love how they mixed various natural textures to add visual interest to the space. The linen curtain is tied with thick jute rope, a look you can easily recreate at home. Feel free to use the jute rope around the home for the small details. 

Bamboo Wall Hooks

The bamboo wall hooks feature a simple design that will impress you with its brilliance. We love the minimalist vibe that still keeps it functional.


Stone Elements

Adding organic textures is the easiest way to recreate the Puerto Escondido vibe at home. Use river rocks as part of your home decor to introduce their unique texture.

Recreate The Look

You don't need to start with a blank space to bring the relaxed Puerto Escondido vibe. A few finishing touches will convey the authentic feel. 


Pendant Lamps

The light pendants made of baskets are a captivating element that adds distinctive texture to this design. And the gorgeous gallery wall made of hats added the wow factor. 

The pendant lamps are the ultimate decorative element. The woven texture is an ideal addition to bring the authentic vibe of this place. 

A round pendant lamp will anchor the dining table, creating a pleasant setting. Or, you can add three pendant lights to highlight the kitchen island. Either way, they will make a bold statement and bring a natural vibe to the space. 

 Getxo Pendant Lamp


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The woven chairs in a turquoise color spotted at Selma feature a unique design. The chairs have an intricate texture thanks to the weaving technique. Their charming design is ideal for informal spaces that crave a visual touch. An indoor-outdoor rattan chair will ideally complement your al fresco dining area, creating a cozy spot for entertainment. 

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Allende Indoor / Outdoor Accent Chair

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Guanajuato Dining Chair - Rattan / Chrome / Caramel Leather

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BONUS: Artisan Furniture From San Juan Palotada

We went off track to visit the hidden gems. There is not much information about San Juan Palotada available online. But we were surprised when we arrived there. The small town is home to hardworking artisans that dedicate their lives to producing unique furniture. The products are carefully crafted from solid wood, keeping its natural and raw beauty. 

The handmade process allows skilled artisans to add originality to each piece. The solid wood dining tables will make a bold statement, bringing a natural element to your design.

In this workshop, we spotted distinctive furniture made of solid wood. The products highlight the beauty of the woodgrain and its unfinished look. To have a better idea of the pricing, expect to pay roughly CAD $100 for a chair and CAD $1,000 for a table. If you'd like to reach out to them directly, here you will find the artisan's contact number. 

We spotted many exceptional chairs made of rattan and wood, featuring an artisan touch and organic shapes. However, it was these awesome bar stools that grabbed our attention. The handmade finish adds character to this piece, making it the ideal addition to your kitchen island. 


The round chair is an exceptional piece, a true reflection of the artisan's skills. We can envision this chair as part of an outdoor conversation area. Or you can add a side table and curate a cozy reading nook. 

We hope you found some fine inspiration with these recommendations, and we wish you to create the best space possible for yourself and your loved ones! is a great place to shop to achieve the style described above, and if you have any questions or comments we'd be happy to continue the conversation at

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